I invite you to come join us!


There's a whole world of real life problems we can solve.


Do you have a site or blog about health, diet, parenting, life chaos?


Are you a network marketer who finds your prospects are too tied up in everyday life issues to find time to make any money?


Everyone has a life - and these days it's pretty chaotic. At CommonSenseLiving, we help you, and your customers - find time, have better health, have more energy, and get motivated to take life by the reins!


Are you tired of having ugly ads on your site, and earning pennies for products you would never willingly promote? Let's face it, AdWords is a bomb for most sites.


Wouldn't you like to monetize your site with products you would gladly stand behind? Products that actually help everyday people?


You can now earn 50% commissions on-


Sane SuperWoman Club


Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak (our Best Seller)


High Energy Eating


Cooking With a Thin Attitude


Whole Life Overhaul


Inside the Minds of Winners


Getting Better Every Day


Beginner's Guide to wireless networking


We have new projects in the works too like the upcoming launch of Sane SuperWoman Club. (click here for exciting info on this launch)


From time to time there will be special promotional packages.


The other cool thing is that when you send people to the main site, no matter how many articles they go through first, it's all tracked. They could read 5 or 6 articles before they decide to buy. When they do, you get the credit.


If you publish an ezine, it's as simple as signing up and grabbing an article to publish.


Plus, there's training. And I will be continually supplying you with fresh material and products.


I've worked hard to make this a fun program- I hope you'll join us.


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Because of duplicate content issues, copying articles is not the greatest idea for you - but if you publish an ezine you are welcome to use any of the articles on the site with your affiliate I.D. A personal review and testimony always works best.


This is an exclusive Affiliate Program. It's not listed at Clickbank. You're not competing against everyone and their brother.


And as we grow, I hope to run contests and other neat incentive programs.


So have fun with it. I'd love to pay you a lot of money!


I look forward to working with you!




PS > Be sure to read your training emails for promotional ideas.


PSS > Questions? You can always reach me here >>>