Sane SuperWoman Club Launch Information


You know how hectic life is. It's nearly impossible for the average woman to keep up with the house, meals, shopping and usually a job, let alone try to make any headway towards reaching any kind of goal. In a perfect world we'd be able to -


Feed ourselves and our families freshly made healthy food to keep us healthy and on top of our game and


Keep the house clean without it taking up all of our 'free' time and


Have plenty of energy and motivation to do anything we want to do (like run your business) and


Be organized enough to pull it all off.


That would make you a SuperWoman, wouldn't you say?


How about if there was a club you could join that would help you accomplish all of that?


Now there is.


Now you're thinking - Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak helps people get control of the housework, and High Energy Eating helps them get into a healthy eating lifestyle, and Whole Life Overhaul helps them get organized, motivated, and working on their goals. Don't we already cover all the bases?


Well we do, but you're talking about what - 10 ebooks and an autoresponder course. How often do you reopen an ebook to look up information? If you want health information like - what foods contain calcium, or what vitamins do you need for high blood pressure - would you open the ebook, or do a search on the internet for the information - even though you already own the information in an ebook? See what I'm saying?


Sane SuperWoman Club will be like a magazine, sort of. There will be new content every month. But unlike a magazine - you'll be able to access all of the previous content too. Plus, there are forums where you can ask quesitons, give feedback, and make friends. And there's a special section where you can tell us about your products too.


You'll have to head over and see it.


There will be special bonuses and contests for the official launch. I'm still working on that.


The pre-launch price is only $4.97 a month. And you're probably thinking, why on earth would you want to promote something to earn only 2.49?


How many of your readers will be willing to sign up for something so useful, and so cheap? 100 sign ups will bring you $249 every month. Are you able to do that anywhere else? If you're a superstar and get 1000 signups, $2,490 will pay for your mortgage, and then some!




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So have fun with it. I'd love to pay you a lot of money!


I look forward to working with you!




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