You’ve Got to See These Handmade Soaps

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Handmade soaps sold at Hyères, FranceImage via Wikipedia


OK, I’ve had my head buried in the sand again. I’ve been busy loading recipes at Rebel With a Fork so you all have plenty of good food, not only for Thanksgiving – but for any busy day of the week. It’s turned out to be a tall order! But I think I’ve got a lot of fast easy stuff to get your taste buds activated 😉

But – I just found out that one of our fellow readers makes these fantastic handmade soaps that sound so luscious – and they’re so inexpensive! I wanted to tell you right away because I don’t know how many orders she’ll be able to handle by Christmass – and at these prices you’ll want to get some.

I get nothing for telling you about them. She doesn’t even know I’m doing this. Shelli is one of us, and these soaps look incredible, and the prices are definitely right. Check them out!



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