You’re a Genius!

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The cold I’ve been fighting finally won. I’m feeling really bad today. You can read about the lesson I had to relearn here >>>

Not being able to do much else, it was a good day to catch up on some webinar recordings that I hadn’t gotten to.¬†There were business, self improvement, and time management.

One of the themes that kept appearing was finding your ‘genius.’ What is it that you are so good at that you do it without even thinking about it?

Would you believe that you can make money from that?

Years ago, a guy named Frank Kern came up with an ebook about teaching your parrot to talk. He made a bunch of money with that ebook.

It was because of his coaching that I put together Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak. I’ve never had the money or the guts to follow through on the adwords part of is formula and make millions, but 7 years later, this ebook is still selling.

Who would think that my claim to fame would be house cleaning and making real dinners fast?

What are you good at? As you can see, it can be something you would never even think of. Maybe ask your friends what they think you’re good at. You’ll be surprised what they come up with.

Are you good at quick books? Digital photography? Making Facebook fanpages? Installing paneling? Social Security Disability? People will pay you to teach them all kinds of things.

With all the ebook readers, its clear that there will be a market for ebooks for many years to come.¬† I have a couple that I need to finish…

What’s your genius? (don’t tell us – just do it)

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