Your Jar of Peanut Butter is OK – so far

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The Peanut Butter Recalls are a terrible thing in our house!

We love Reeses, and peanut butter filled cookies, and peanut butter cup ice cream, and…

But you can still get your peanut butter fix from a jar. So far anyway. We’ve both eaten from the jar we have in the house, and we’re not sick, so I guess we’re OK.

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2 thoughts on “Your Jar of Peanut Butter is OK – so far

  1. Beth

    Juat wanted to say that about 2 or 3 weeks ago I threw out a jar of peanutbutter. It looked and tasted funny, so I would watch out for those too.
    My husband was buying the Austin peanutbutter cracker packs for work and he switched to cheese crackers after opening a pack that tasted funny.
    Until the recall we didn’t connect the bout of diarrhea he had several weeks ago that he lost 10 lbs in a day. He hadn’t been sick in a very long time. Wonder what food will be next? He also quit buying all fruit coming from China.

  2. Carole Post author

    Hi Beth,

    So far, they’re still saying that jars are not part of the problem – but if it doesn’t look or smell right, it’s better to dump it.

    In general, moldy peanuts do get into the mix. I guess it’s pretty hard to avoid when you’re dealing with such bulk. Your top brand names get the top of the vat. Your store brands get the stuff at the bottom. It’s the same for all canned stuff.

    And that’s the stuff produced in the US. You can’t even tell where most of your canned goods are coming from.

    Unless I’m really really broke, I stay away from the cheapest stuff, but even then, you can never be entirely sure. That’s another reason why I eat fresh as much as possible.

    And you’re right to avoid produce from China.

    I’m so tempted to build my own hot-house. Could be the next big thing! 🙂

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