Your Body is a Wonderland

Sorry, I couldn’t help it – with John Mayer’s affirmation video all over the place today. I think it was a set up – joke.

But the wonders of how your body works is no joke.

Did you know that your body will self regulate all of it’s functions – sugar levels, blood pressure, healing, even your weight.

So why isn’t it working? Why are so many people overweight? Why is there is much disease?

We’re eating things we were never intended to eat, and not eating the things our bodies need to function the way they are supposed to. But it’s not necessarily intentional. Most people just really don’t understand – so here’s a few pictures for you.

Tonight after dinner, let your pan sit and cool down. What happens? Well, if you’ve eaten anything greasy, you’ll have a bunch of sludgy gunk, right? You put that in your body.

When you eat potato chips or French fries, don’t wipe your hands in between. What happens? Gets kind of gross, doesn’t it? Again, that’s what you’re putting in your body.

Now imagine sitting down to dinner and pouring a cup of salt on your food. You would never intentionally do that, even if you are a heavy salt user. But when you eat prepared foods, that’s what’s you’re doing.

Now, imagine that on top of that, you add a cup of sugar. Now you’d say that’s silly, no one would do that – but when you’re eating things full of not only sugar, but corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup too – how much sugar are you really eating?

So now lets go out to the garage and get some weed killer and insecticide. Yummy!

And for good measure, go grab those antibiotics you have left over and ground those up too.

And lets add some soy so we have good hormonal imbalance too. If you have some HRT drugs on hand, throw those in too.

You’re thinking, “That’s crazy, no one would eat all that. It would make you sick.”

When you eat prepared foods, that’s what you’re eating.

And what’s worse is – most people aren’t eating a single bite of anything that would help the body deal with some of the damage. You know – fruits and vegetables. It amazes me how many people don’t eat more than the lettuce and tomato that comes on their fat food burger.

Now I’ve never said you have to be a saint, and I don’t believe that we can have total health without some animal protein, and I do have a sweet tooth. And all of that flies in the face of everything all the health food gurus are trying to sell you.

If you want to be thin and healthy –

*Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
*Quit drinking all the corn syrup filled drinks
*Quit eating packaged food or prepared foods
*Learn how to cook fast healthy meals
*Eat organic meats as much as possible, and still only about 6 oz.
*Control your sweet tooth

That’s really it. It’s not that complicated. Oh sure, you might want to know what foods improve your eyesight, or what foods will help you think more clearly, and more advanced things like that – but overall healthy eating is really simple.

Remember that your body truly is a wonderland, if you treat it right. And it’s never too late to start. You can improve your health quickly if you would just start today.
And the really fun thing is – remember how I said your body will regulate it’s weight? Yep, it happens all by itself when you eat right.


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