You can lead a horse to water…

I was talking to a customer the other day. She needed to get a new suit for an
upcoming interview. But, she wasn’t too excited about the interview. And the reason she needed a new suit? She’s gained quite a bit of weight.

She owns the High Energy Eating package.
She’s downloaded it – months ago.

I was really upset. How could that be?

I started shooting off the questions –

Are you eating fruits and vegetables?

Just what are you eating?


She started off by saying “Well, I really don’t eat much at all.” OK, mistake number 1.

Carbs in the morning – which is ok if you add some fruit. You’ll burn them off.

Sandwich and chips for lunch. More carbs, with a little protein and maybe some lettuce and tomato.

Breakfast food for dinner. More carbs and fat. Guaranteed way to gain weight. The carbs won’t be converted to energy because she won’t be doing anything to burn them off, so they will be stored as fat to use later.

Now that would be great if we had more money than we were going to burn, wouldn’t it?

I felt really bad for her. She is so depressed. Not just about the weight gain, but just in general. But it’s because she’s not getting the nutrients she needs for her brain and nervous system to operate right. That’s right, even depression is caused in part by a poor diet.

I can preach. I can give information. But I can’t come over and stuff healthy food down your throat. You have no idea how much I wish I could. I just want to shake people and yell, “look at what you’re doing to yourself!”

I care too much. I have that Pollyanna wish that everyone would be healthy and happy. But, I have to accept that you can only help people who are ready to be helped.

Writers often hope to change the world. The reality is, if we can touch a few lives, we’ve done a good job.


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’


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