Yes, I’m still alive

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I’m so sorry I haven’t written this week. I’ve had a pretty full – no, make that way overflowing plate this week.  I had to focus intenetly to get everything done. I swear, I’ve squished 2 weeks of work into one week.

The fact that my neighbor decided that she was going to help me do my windows yesterday didn’t help. OK, actually, it did help – a lot. You know I’ve been doing my shortcut cleaning for the last couple of years, and it was really time to take the windows apart and clean everything. So, most of it is done, and it looks like the weather is going to start turning pretty quick – so that’s a good thing.

I know, I’m such a clean freak….but the windows look great.

Just a quick carpet clean and my fall cleaning is done. I like everything fresh before I have to close the house up for winter. And it makes holiday prep a lot easier if you’re not killing yourself trying to get the house clean at the last minute – hint, hint, big hint

I know, it seems early to start thinking about the holidays, but a little prep here and there will make it go a lot smoother. Besides getting the house under control, you can do other little things like start buying a gift a week so you don’t feel the finanacial crunch as much.

I’ll be back to normal here in a day or two. In the meantime, have a great weekend. If it’s nice where you are, enjoy it, it’s not going to last much longer…..



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