Yes, I’m a Chocoholic

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Do you ever read the lable on a jar of Mayo? I mean,
it’s just mayo, right? The only time I use it is for
broccoli salad or tuna salad, so I don’t buy it much.
I was trying to decide which brand to buy. They’re all
bad. I’m glad I really don’t eat that stuff much!

So, here I am, preaching about healthy eating – and
what do I do? Release a big chocolate cookbook! Hey,
I’ll take chocolate over Prozac any day!

Hey, it’s all those white creamy things, and fried stuff
like chips and fries, and fake fats that are killing you.
Not chocolate.

Someone called me a purist. I guess that’s the new name
for people who only want to eat real food. Fine. Whatever.
I’ve been called worse.

I find that i’ve lost my taste for a lot of things I used
to like. I used to like Cool Whip. I bought a tub the other
day – and it’s gross. I wonder if as you get away from the
fake stuff if your tastes really are affected? And if so,
how did we develop the taste for all this junk in the first
place? Let me know if anything like that has happened to


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’


Oh Yeah – the chocolate e-book – Yummy.