The worst job in the house?

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If you ask anyone what’s the worst job in the house, most people will say the bathroom.

I disagree. You can clean a bathroom in 10 minutes or less.

So what do you think is the worst job in the house?

I think its floors.

By the time you finish the vacuuming you’re already spent. Then there’s washing floors. I’m a floor fanatic. I wash the floors by hand. Not my favorite thing to do.

You could split it up and do carpeted floors one day and the wood and tile floors another I suppose. I prefer to just bite the bullet and get it all done. In reality, it doesn’t take that much longer. Its all mental.

I’ve tried all kinds of mops. None of them do a good enough job. They certainly don’t get the edges under the cabinets or the corners very well. All the ones that spray leave a residue. Some leave the floors sort of sticky.  Others leave the floors looking cloudy.

In one of the houses I cleaned, it took me months to get rid of the residue on the wood floors left by the previous cleaning service. All I use on the wood floors is a little vinegar in warm water. Little by little, the residue was dissolved, and I’ve gotten a lot of the built up dirt out of the grain. They were thinking about refinishing the floors, but they look pretty good now.

But I got to thinking. One of my sister’s accounts has an iRobot. They didn’t used to work all that well, but they have come a long way. And her floors look pretty good when we get there.

I’m thinking that I need to seriously consider getting one of these. On the other hand, I know it won’t clean as good as a regular vacuuming, but maybe I could get away with every 2 weeks instead of once a week.

The 2nd worst job?

I also hate older stainless appliances and granite counter tops. Who was the rocket scientist that decided everything in the kitchen should need to be polished and buffed? Only a man would design things for a kitchen that is used every day that have to be buffed to look good. OK. End of rant.

At least the newer stainless is easier to keep clean.

Remember Bewitched? The old TV show with Barbara Eden? Don’t you wish we could just wiggle your nose and the house would be clean? That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Here’s the next best thing…

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