Women spend how much time getting ready for Easter?

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Crazy Easter EggOn the radio today they said that the average woman spends 15 hours preparing for Easter dinner.

I was like, What?  15 hours?

Then they went on to say…getting the house ready…

Oh! Those poor women have to clean their house.

But those of us using the Clean Freak system – heck, we’ll spend a couple hours at most cleaning up.

But still – I started doing the math

Shopping – 1 hr.

Prepping food – 1 hr.

Baking – 2 hours

Cooking – 2 hours

Cleaning up, prepping house – 1-2 hours

I guess if you dye eggs, it can add another couple of hours.

That’s still a lot of time, but its certainly not 15 hours!

Whew! I was getting tired just thinking about it. I can’t even imagine having to clean the house too. That must be awful! I’ve gotten so spoiled. My house cleaning system has been a God send.

And you can have someone else bring dessert and shave off baking time. I usually do that, but once I made those brownies, it has become a tradition…

Its funny. The first time I served the hot fudge brownie sundaes, I got a lot of strange looks. Its my daughter’s husband’s favorite dessert, and I wanted to do something to make him feel special. Everyone loved it. I’m kinda missing my sister’s lemon meringue pie though. Oh well…

I hope you’re not working too hard.

Have a great Easter!

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