Wish we could get back all the lost time

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Here it is Thursday night. For those of us hit by the storm, its like we just lost another week of our lives.

I had things I wanted to accomplish this week. Haven’t touched any of them.

And my boss calls a mandatory meeting for Sat. morning at 7 am. UGH! Had to be this week, right? Of course.

You know I moved everything away from the wall that the tree was up against, just in case the tree would come through. Do you think I could just put everything back?

Oh No. I had to clean everything since it was already moved anyway. I’m a sick girl.

I did get the new printer installed. Thank you Emma! It was my birthday present. Now I can maybe finish that new ebook. Provided we don’t have any more major events…

I’m assuming that my sister still doesn’t have power. She hasn’t been able to charge her cellphone. They all laugh that I have an old corded telephone just in case, and guess what? I needed it. It still works when the power is out!

I hope we can all get back on some sort of a normal schedule next week. I hate losing so much time trying to just get back to normal. Its weeks like this when I’m really happy to be a renter. While the tree is an inconvenience for me, and I help as much as I can – I don’t have to deal with all the insurance and contractors.

There’s good and bad in everything. Make it a point to look for the good, and keep moving forward!

Oh, and keep your sense of humor. It will keep you from going insane…

I’ve always heard that as you get older, you need less sleep. That’s a bunch of baloney. Everyone I know that leads an active life still needs their sleep. I’ve not been getting enough this week, so I’m off  to get some now.

TGIF! Have a great Friday.

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