Winning the Battle Against Corn Syrup

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It’s been a long hard battle, but we’re winning!

Just recently you may have noticed that your cranberry juice tastes different.

And you might have noticed a natural label on your tomato paste.

It seems that food manufacturers are dropping corn syrup faster than a hot potato. I’m actually surprised at how fast it’s happening – but hey, we’ll take our victories.

You guys are doing great. Keep up the healthy eating and putting the pressure on these guys. I told you voting with your wallet makes a difference! Even my daughter quit buying things with corn syrup on the label – and she’s 17. And when teenagers quit buying, you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

We can’t get complacent with gas either. The price is starting to climb back up. Thankfully this winter has been a little better than last year – but we have a while to go yet. Keep your fingers crossed!

You can, and do make a difference!