Will You Help?


I’m asking for your help.


You see, a friend of mine has died. Mary was 47 years old. In her short life – she had numerous heart attacks, 3 stints, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and was obese. She died last week of a stroke. It was a senseless and totally preventable death.


Mary left a husband and 3 kids. 2 are in college, and one is getting ready to graduate high school. She was a mentor and friend to many kids. You’ve never seen so many kids at a funeral!


As if the loss of a wife, mother, and mentor isn’t enough – she was working a temp job and had no life insurance.


My hope is two-fold –


Number one is that Mary’s story can save lives, and 2 – that we can help the family get over some of the financial hurdles they are facing.


I’m holding a fundraising promotion in memory of Mary. ½ of the profits from High Energy Eating will go to the family. And High Energy Eating can help people take back their health, and hopefully save lives.


At a minimum, you can grab a copy and take back your own health.


If you would bookmark this page or the High Energy Eating page, that would be great.


If you have a list or a blog, if you would write to your readers – it would be greatly appreciated. You can grab an affiliate link here if you like, and the fundraiser won’t affect your commission – or you can use a naked link – I’ll leave that up to you. 


Thanks for any help you can give.



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