Will You Be My Neighbor?

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My neighbors moved out. They bought a house. Good for them! They never came outside anyway. I don’t get that, but whatever….

That means the house behind me is for rent.

You might remember that the 2 houses used to be resort cottages waaaaay back when Capone was still hanging around these parts. Some of his counterfit plates were found under my house.

Anyway, its a little house with a lot of stairs. And we live on a big hill. You really need to be in shape to live here.

The house has one bedroom on the top floor. A small living room and a nice kitchen on the main floor, and a family room downstairs.

You have the lake to enjoy in the summer. Great sunsets. A great sledding hill. And cranky ol’ me for a neighbor.

Just in case anyone is looking for a little lakefront house in northern lake county 😉

I love living here.

I’ve been recruited to help clean and paint the house. That’s what I’ll be doing this weekend I guess…