Will People Change?

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The Jehovah Witness ladies came by the other day. I know, I know. Everyone laughs at me for letting them into my house. But they’re nice ladies. And one is a neighbor.


And I’m always interested in how other people think, and what they believe. I think we’d get a lot farther if we tried to understand people rather than automatically hating someone because they’re different from you, don’t you?


Anyway, I always read the publications they bring me. This time it had to do with Global Warming. In one of the articles, they quoted an article that appeared in National Geographic in October, 2007. It said –


“Global Warming presents the greatest test we humans have yet faced….If we are to meet that challenge successfully, we need to move quickly and decisively – and with a maturity we’ve rarely shown as a society or a species.”


In another article in the same publication, the author states –


“At the very least, making such changes would mean promptly addressing the root causes of earth’s problems – human greed, self-interest, ignorance, inept government, and apathy.”


The author goes on to ask, “Is such a prospect probable, or just wishful thinking?”


I guess if you look at how quickly the become a millionaire working at home gurus are becoming multi-millionaires selling their products like hot cakes – even though only a few actually become millionaires using these courses,


and how slowly people are moving towards any real attempt at energy saving,


and how slowly people are moving towards taking care of their health by changing their diet,


and how willing industry is to take advantage of people’s unwillingness to change rather than leading the way to change – and how willing the government is to support industry rather than protect it’s people,


sadly, I think we have the answer.


But, I’m going to keep trying!