Why should you care

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New readers might wonder why on earth I would talk about dealing with car problems or whatever other chaos is going on in my life at the time. Who Cares?

The whole point is – when you have good systems and habits in place, you can survive the chaos without your house or your diet falling apart. And why is that important?

How do you feel when your house is clean? Good, right?

How do you feel when your house is a mess? Frustrated, depressed, irritable, or anxious?

How do you feel when you eat well? More energetic? Healthier? Stronger? More in control? Even sexy?

How do you feel when you’re eating crap? Tired, slugggish, fat, unmotivated?

So, if I show you that someone whose life is a continual circus can do it – then don’t you think you can too?

Just food for thought.

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