Why Does Brother Want You Sick?

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You might have read recently that the FDA is stopping the sale of Red Yeast Rice
because it contains a substance on their regulated substance list.

The problem is – the substance has always been there. It’s natural. It’s benefitted people for eons. But a big pharma company was able to recreate it in the lab and patent it. So now it’s a regulated substance.

You have to ask yourself – what is wrong with the FDA? They will stop at nothing to discredit natural substances that you can take cheaply now to protect your health. All the research, all the studies – means nothing to them.

How much it’s costing you once you become sick – that means a lot to them. It drives a big part of our economy. The food industry, pharmaceutical industry, doctors, hospitals, big clothing manufacturuers, weight loss industry – what would they all do if you stopped eating the junk and got healthy?

Now they’re looking at pulling DHEA supplements. One by one, they’ll be pulled, leaving you with no alternative but to see a doctor for a prescription supplement that will still only be a watered down version.

That’s what’s happened in Europe.

Please join me in urging Congress to protect access to dietary supplements

Please urge your U.S. Senators and Representative to support policies that protect your access to safe, effective and affordable dietary supplements. Just click here, or visit SaveOurSupplements.org and enter your ZIP code to work for healthy policies and make your voice heard. Thanks for your support!

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