Why do I need to turn off my phone?

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Turn off your cell phone

You may have heard that you should turn your cell phone off, and turn it back on for security, but no one is saying exactly why or how this works.

Here’s the scoop-

There is spyware called Pegasus. It can infect your phone just by being sent. You don’t have to click on anything to activate it.

This spyware can track everything you do on your phone. It can track your location and who you were with. It can copy your emails, messages, and pictures. It can watch you thru the camera, or listen to you.

It is designed for use by governments.

Somehow it resides in the memory which is cleared when you turn off your phone, which hardly anyone does.

The recommendation is to turn off your phone at least once a week. You can turn it right back on.

That is the simple explanation from your non- techie.

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