Why did I save seeds from dinner tonight?

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Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb. 2005 in Atl...

Non GMO seeds are going to be hard to come by. Saving your non-GMO seeds might be one of the best investments your could make in your life.

You’ve heard that Monsanto has made their patented seeds infertile so you can’t use them.

Seedless watermelon seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? No seeds to deal with and spit out. On the other hand, there’s nothing to plant. While seedless watermelon is not technically a GMO food because it does not use a gene from another species, for us – heck, it is genetically modified, right?

I was speaking to a new bio-tech graduate a couple of weeks ago. She proudly defended GMOs saying, “Have you ever eaten a tomato? Have you ever eaten an apple? Then you’ve eaten GMOs. They are all genetically modified.

Monsanto requires farmers to buy new seed every year. Not only that, but if your crop gets contaminated by their crops, they have been known to sue farmers. How can this be going on? Makes no sense, right?

Oh, but it gets even uglier…


Is it any wonder that this is the first generation where our children have a lower life expectancy? “If only people knew the truth…”

Please watch the video, and then head up to the recipes section and make some real food for your family. And save your seeds!

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