Why Am I Here?

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Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder what the purpose of it all is?

Why should I even get out of bed? What’s the purpose?

To struggle endlessly? To rack up bills I can’t pay? To face another day of problems? To spend another day watching TV? What? Why?

I’ve had many purposes in my life.

Saving people from the evil Cable TV companies, and making them act responsibly.

Taking care of my grandparents.

Raising my daughter.

Right now my purpose is to help people improve their every day lives. Later, I want to be the grandmother that my daughter didn’t have.

Purposes change as we go through life – and it’s not always easy to find the next one. But you have to have a reason for getting out of bed in the morning or you’re just as good as dead – just going through the motions of living and breathing for another day.

And what about your dreams? What have you always wanted out of life?

A life without dreams is sad at best and worthless at worst. Boring. Mundane. You end up just doing what you have to do to get by and putting off as much as you can until things are totally out of control. The worse things get, the less motivated
you are to try to change them. The old you isn’t even alive anymore.

We have to have dreams. It’s what makes life worth living.

Have your dreams been buried?

Here’s a little exercise to help you reawaken your dreams. It’s as old as the hills. It was first developed by Freud, and now is used in many self improvement courses. It’s a powerful and fun exercise that works on many levels of your mind. So here goes –

Write down everything you would want if wanting it or having it didn’t make you feel guilty or selfish or otherwise sinful.

Now, be brutally honest with yourself. Tell the truth about what you really want from life. Don’t hold anything back.

Who would you be?

Where would you live?

How would you live?

Describe your dream house.

What would your day be like?

What would you look like? Would you wear jeans and designer
boots? Or dress sleek and stylish? Would you be slim? Muscular?
Have great hair? Lots of jewelry, or just a special piece?

Where would you go on vacation?

What kind of car would you drive?

Would you have fresh cut flowers?

What would you eat?

This will be a real eye opener for you. The first time I did it,
I wrote 6 pages! It just came pouring out. Everything I felt guilty about wanting, stuff I felt I never could have. It was like lifting a burden to let it out and say, yes, this is what I truly want.

Now…have a blast…totally indulge yourself!



Exercise taken from Whole Life Overhaul