Who let the ants out?

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ant party

ant party (Photo credit: sbfisher)

We had a weird and freaky episode yesterday morning. I went to open the window so the dog cold bark and scare away the geese before they pooped all over, when I realized that the entire wall under the window was covered in ants. Thousands of ants! I had way more than what is in this picture.

I grabbed the vinegar, soaked a paper towel and swiped. Yeah right. That is not going to work. 

I dug out an old can of ant spray and the vacuum. Once the vacuum was out, the dog wasn’t coming around.

I sprayed and vacuumed. They kept coming out of the woodwork. I couldn’t believe it! Some got up inside my robe and started biting me. I mean, it was like some horror flick. They just kept coming and coming.

Most were just the little ants, but there were quite a few winged ants too.

I sprayed and vacuumed for a good hour before it finally slowed down. I’ve never seen anything like it!

The winged ants were probably carpenter ants, but the little ants were just the tiny ants. We call them sugar ants. I don’t know what drove them out – but they came out in droves!

There were about 5 winged ants in the kitchen last night. I haven’t seen any today.

And I’ll tell you what – those bites itch like crazy today!

Never a dull moment…


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