Where’s the America I grew up in?

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The America I grew up in never would have stood for this. In the old days, if anyone even suggested that your rights were being stepped on, there were riots in the streets.

Now, everyone is so sedated – no one seems to really care.

Where is our pioneering, fighting spirit?

Have they managed to kill it for good?

Is everyone just willing to lay down and take it?

There are bills pending that aim to remove all meaningful supplementation, remove farmers markets and organic farmers, and hand us over to big business like sheep to the slaughter.

Meaningful supplementation has been taken away in Europe. The amount of nutrients you can get in the form of supplements without a prescription is the highest amount you can take with no reaction. That means the amount you are legally allowed to take does nothing.

Now I know that most of you take some sort of supplements in an attempt to try to stay healthy and ward off disease. How do you feel about that being taken away?

There should be riots in the streets – Yet, there’s barely a wimper.

(Please note that I am speaking metaphorically and not promoting riots in the streets)

How many people have died from supplements?

One in 2009.

And how about our beloved farmers markets and roadside vegetables stands where we can get the freshest, greatest tasting fruits and vegetables in season? Not to mention the selections of local honey, home-made jams, and other delectible goodies.

Where have all the outbreaks come from? Was it local farms?

No, it was industrial farms.

But under the guise of food safety, our government aims to remove all food that is not traceable by their bureucratic methods. No small farmer can afford to jump through these hoops, and they know it. This will leave only the big money making industrial food producers.

What’s even worse about all of this is that in a time where we should be encouraging familes to find ways to support themselves, the big government is moving in to make it all but impossible.

In a time where we should be encouraging people to live healthier and ward off expensive medical costs, big government is quietly removing your best chances.

There should be riots in the streets – Yet, there’s barely a wimper.

If any one of us did such a piss poor job at work, we’d be out of a job. Yet they get their nice salaries, benefits, living expenses, gym memberships, kick-backs, pay-offs … Did you know that 58% of our congress are millionaires?

99% of them should be handed their pink slips tomorrow.

Think they’re really looking out for you?

I shouldn’t be afraid to speak out – yet in light of many of the things I see going on – I am a little.

When I was growing up, no one would consider leaving this country – well, except for draft dodgers. This was the land where dreams came true.

Now I’m amazed at how many people are talking about leaving the country – while they still can.

If there was a war here, we’d be in sorry shape. Half our population can’t even muster up the energy to move off the couch. I can picture it now – “hey honey, turn up that volume. With all these bombs, I can’t hear a thing”

There are a lot of people trying to make things better. I get tons of requests to sign petitions every day. All you have to do is click your mouse and fill in some info, yet most people won’t even do that. I’m not saying to sign every petition that comes your way, but at least participate in the issues that are important to you. If not you, the future of your kids.

What have we become America?

Are we still brave, proud, and free?

Is there a snowballs chance in h*ll of saving this country?

Or will we blindly continue down the slippery slope to socialism?

Make Congress live like the rest of us

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