When the cats away…

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Well, it is time for another animal house update as we explore whether environment improves behavior…

I was away for a week dog sitting. The house was clean when I left. There was food to eat. Bob said he would be working on the dining room.

I was afraid – what was I going to be coming back to?

I came back on Halloween. Bob had been taken to the hospital again. He has had these random episodes where his heart stops, or really slows down. He has passed out twice at work. Then they put him on a monitor. His heart stopped a couple of times early Saturday morning. They called him and told him to get to the hospital. They are trying to treat it with medication. He may end up needing a pacemaker.

When I got back to the house, the rain had slowed down to a mist and the kids started coming out to Trick or Treat. Thank heaven I had the foresight to buy candy. Bob told me they don’t get any kids – but I handed out 4 bags of candy before heading to the hospital.

So, what condition was the house in? Was it really scary?

Actually, it wasn’t terrible. There were some dishes in the sink, but they hadn’t really cooked. The worst room was the bathroom – and even that wasn’t terrible.

Not a thing had been done in the house. Including nothing in the dining room. Big surprise… But there wasn’t stuff all over the place. Well, except for the youngest one’s laundry all over the laundry room. And Bob seems to have a comforter fetish. There is a big stack of comforters that keeps getting moved around. They need to be washed, and they need a home. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

I was relieved. It didn’t take much to whip the house back into shape. But Thanksgiving is coming up fast, and no progress is being made in the dining room.

Even though the dining room is still a shambles, Bob and I do eat at the table most every night. Youngest son who previously wouldn’t eat anything I cooked actually sat down at the table and ate with us! You have no idea how happy that made Bob.

We’ll take small victories!

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