What’s Your Story – Rebirth or Death?

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Spring is a time for rebirth and renewal. The time when we’re looking forward to flowers, and warm weather, and summer fun. But for Mary’s family – flowers are a reminder of the funeral. 

Mary died of a stroke at age 47, leaving behind a husband and 3 kids.

What makes this especially sad and infuriating is that it was totally preventable.

Mary was heavy. Somewhere in the 250 – 300 pound range. She had type II diabetes. She had already had numerous heart attacks, and had stints. She knew better.

But they never stopped their fast food on the run lifestyle. They never ate vegetables. One year we were at their house for Thanksgiving dinner, and there was not one vegetable served. Not even corn.

I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but these kids were the worst behaved kids you ever met. Absolutely horrible. We hated being around them. It always made me feel really bad to dislike any child so much.

The kids were all involved in sports. That saved them from weight gain and for 2 of the kids, it has saved their life.

The daughter was in gymnastics, and she was very good – until her career was ended by a serious hip injury. She was the first to have some sort of ball joint replacement. I don’t remember the details anymore, it was so long ago. She’s now going for her nursing degree. She’s wanted to work with premature babies ever since she saw my daughter with her tracheotomy and the equipment we had to carry everywhere we went. She has a very nice boyfriend, and I think she’s going to turn out alright after all.

The oldest son excelled in hockey. His coaches required that he eat vegetables, so Mary would make vegetables for him. But no one else ate them. He’s now semi-pro and doing very well.

The youngest son dropped out of hockey. He is still a problem child. I’m afraid he will always be a problem. He and my daughter were born 10 days apart. We always had birthday cake at Thanksgiving dinner. We keep hoping that something good will happen to help turn him around.

Mary’s husband seems to be going OK. He has his hands full dealing with son #2, and learning how to keep house, and make meals. He didn’t have to deal with any of that before. This guy couldn’t even make himself a sandwich. Seriously. Mary did everything for him.

But now she’s gone.She decided that keeping up the kids lifestyle was more important than buying her meds. And given the fact that her diet was killing her in the first place, she had no chance.

It was over quickly. The stroke completely blew out her brain. She went into a coma and died a couple days later. I remember my friend commenting, “There was no miracle for us today.”

Will this be your story? Or will you live to a ripe old age full of health and energy to live life to its fullest?

How about giving yourself a rebirth and turning your story around today?

Can you imagine being healthy and full of energy to enjoy life?

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