What’s your favorite Christmas Song?


My favorite Christmas song has been Carol of the Bells for many years now. I found this great video to share with you –



What’s your favorite? Feel free to share links to videos in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Christmas Song?

  1. Beth

    Carol of the Bells has always been my favorite too!
    Pachabel Canon in D is my oldest daughter’s favorite song. I enjoy that very much also. One of my sons loves all the Christmas music done by the Trans-Siberian orchestra- more good selections. My youngest son turned the 12 days of Christmas into the 12 Days of Taco Bell when he worked there in high school. It was worthy of being an ad for them.

    I love Christmas music. Most of the people I know can’t stand it. The faster our world changes, the more old-fashioned I feel sometimes. I love family rituals, decorating, and all the rest.
    Life is short- celebrate every day!

  2. Carole Post author

    Hi Beth!

    I would love to hear the 12 days of Tacos 😉 How funny. I love Christmas music to an extent. When they start palying it at Halloween, and it’s the same songs over and over…. I try to do it in moderation at home.

    I hope you have a great Christmas!

  3. Fee

    I do like this video and song very much. My favourite, and the one that I think conjures up wonderful images of Christmas is an old one by Nat King Cole. It’s the Christmas Song. Why do I like it? Just shut your eyes and listen to the words!
    Merry Christmas Everybody!

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