What’s with the birds?

English: Cygnus buccinator, Trumpeter Swans, S...

English: Cygnus buccinator, Trumpeter Swans, Swans, Waterfowl, Birds, Birds of North America, Birds of Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone is talking about the strange weather, droughts, and vicious storms this year. More dogs are having allergy problems and hot spots – mine included. Owners are befuddled trying to figure out what is causing it.

And what is up with the birds?

During a normal year, we may have 2 or 3 swans on this lake. This year I have counted as many as 22 swans!

Last week there was this strange incident with some black birds. By some, I mean like at least a hundred. They would all fly up into the tree outside my office window. Then they would all swoop down on to the lawn. There were so many, they looked like leaves falling during a storm. Then a couple seconds later, they would all fly back into the tree. This went on like 5 times before they all swooped up and away.

The sidewalks, the street, and our cars were hammered with poop – but just at my house! Probably not a good sign, right?

Last evening at around dusk, I had the dogs out – mine and my neighbor’s. Suddenly swarms of geese were flying overhead. There I go with that 100 birds again – but there were a lot of them. It was defining. Even the dogs stopped what they were doing to watch.

Has anyone else had bizarre occurrences


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1 thought on “What’s with the birds?

  1. Fiona

    Yes, there are some bizarre occurrences these days Carole!
    I remember reading about fish raining down in England. I also read an article about dead birds in Arkansas. Weather-wise, 2012 was a year that not many people will forget in a hurry. Maybe global warming has an effect on birds.

  2. sugru

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