Whats that buzz?

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Ahhh, the sound of chain saws. We’re going to be hearing that a lot for a while. My tree is a nice oak. Anyone need some? You cut it and haul it.

Aside from some roof damage, I got off pretty lucky. Its totally amazing that none of the windows broke. Our power came on that same night. Some people still don’t have power. I had 2 neighbors who lost their garages. Another neighbor had the tree in his house, and its a much nicer house than mine. Another neighbor’s truck was smashed.

You know the funny thing?

Insurance only pays to remove what’s touching the house. The rest of the gargantuon tree in the yard is your problem.

The neighbor who had the tree in his house – 6 grand to remove it. Can you believe that? We had some scammers come by and quote 3 grand to remove this one.

There is a moral to this story. I posted some more pictures on Facebook. You can see that the bottom of this tree was hollow. Pay attention to the health of your trees. Have them looked at every couple years and make sure they are safe. That is not a gurantee, especially in cases like this storm – but it sure increases the odds in your favor.

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