Whats in the box?

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gold boxes

gold boxes (Photo credit: marchorowitz)

Have you ever been to an auction? They often have what they call “lots.”Essentially its a box of mostly garbage, but there’s a couple of golden nuggets in there. People buy the whole lot just to get the couple of good things inside, and then they sell off what they didn’t want.

Well, I just scored the digital equivalent.

I got a ‘box’ of ebooks on weight loss, healthy eating, and fitness. I’m sorting through it now to see just whats in there.

Now the really cool thing is that I can sell these ebooks for way less than they sell anywhere else.

The first good one that I pulled out is Fat Free ForeverĀ . It helps address the mental blocks that keep you from losing the weight permanently. It comes with 2 hypnosis mp3s. The suggested retail is $47. But I can sell it for $7. Isn’t that cool?

There is a lot of garbage in the box. I won’t even give that away. But I think there are a couple more good things in there. I’ll be going through it this weekend to see just what we’ve got!

In the meantime, if you’ve been wanting to lose weight and haven’t been able to – check out Fat Free ForeverĀ 

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