What you would see if you came to my house right now

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Do I live in a pristine castle where nothing is ever messy?

Of course not.

Here’s what you would see if you were to unexpectedly stop over –

Yes, there are a few dishes in the sink from breakfast, plus my travel mug and stainless steel water bottle.

There is chicken thawing because the dinner plans for tonight have changed.

The projects I am working on are all over the dining room table.

Unless you can keep everyone but you out of the bathroom, it will always need some attention.

There is road construction all around – so yeah, there is some dust.

Now if you give me 10 minutes notice..

I have a banker’s box handy where I can stash the stuff I’m working on and hide it away.

The bathroom would be tidied up.

I would do a quick dust at least in the main rooms with a feather duster.

You’ll think that my house is really clean.

That’s the beauty of keeping up with the housework. You never really have to stress about it.

All I do is spend a few minutes each night to do my cleaning task for the day. Usually 15 – 20 minutes.  Want to try it?


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