What you don’t know about HRT

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Recently, we had a disasterous accident on one of our highways. A trailer was packed with 59 horses and ran a red light. The trailer was on it’s side across 3 lanes of traffic. The highway was closed for 7 hours while they worked to rescue these horses.
14 horses died that night.

Now the horses are being cared for, and homes are being sought.

Now you might be asking yourself why the owners would just abandon these horses? I mean, horses are expensive animals. There was one little mention that these horses were probably off to be slaughtered. Uninformed among us would think, wow, that’s sad. And why are that many horse so sick that they have to be killed?

By now you’re saying OK Carole, I thought this was about HRT?

It is. You see, HRT drugs are made from pregnant horse urine.

The mares are kept perpetually pregnant. The resulting babies are slaughtered. Truckloads of colts are sent from Canada to the US to be slaughtered. Why? I don’t know yet. Maybe Canada doesn’t allow that? I also hear it’s worldwide.

I’ve also learned that horsemeat is considered a delicacy in some countries, so there’s big money to be made there too.

So, not only are you risking your own life when you take these drugs, you are contributing to this horribly cruel treatment of some of the most beautiful animals on earth.

Can I convince you to adopt a heatlhy lifestyle instead of depending on drugs to take care of your body when you won’t?

A healthy lifestyle is the best present you can give yourself, your family, and the world. Now that would be some holiday spirit, don’t you think?

Hey, I heard that!  Yes, I’ve gone through menopause – drug free. No problem. Just a relatively healthy diet, and exercise. Thought you were going to get one up on Mother did ya? 😉


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’