What would you like to have at your fingertips?

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I have been busy filling the new site with information.

So far we have –

Healthy foods A-Z (actually only A & B right now – there will be over 100 foods listed)

Home Cures – foods to eat for many different ailments.

The latest in health news



Recipes in a much easier to find format

There are plans for mini-courses, self improvement & motivation, more healthy eating and nutrition topics, weight loss, free ebooks, and right now I can’t even remember what else.

I’m asking for your 2 cents. What else would you like to see included that will make your life easier?

Some have asked that favorite recipes be included. Someone else asked for FDA recall information. Is there anything else I’ve missed?

Stop by the new site, take a look, and leave your 2 cents in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “What would you like to have at your fingertips?

  1. Scotsgal

    How about articles about our daily lives? I’m sure we don’t all live in the same country. Something like this would be
    Looking for articles to help me with “finding the time” to do so many things. Also hobbies, like scrapbooking and maybe a readers’ club for the latest novels.
    Can’t wait till his site is officially launched next month!

  2. Carole Post author

    There will indeed be plenty of articles on managing your daily life. Do you mean you would like to see stories of how other club memebers overcame hurdles? I’m not sure what you mean about living in different countries?

    While this club will give you the help you need to have more time and energy to do what you want to do – whether that be scrapbooking or fishing, or reading, there are plenty of sites devoted to a particular topic. We couldn’t begin to cover each person’s interests and do it well. But, there will be a place in the forums where you can all share information and links on different topics that interest you.

    Even though the site is only in prelaunch now, and things aren’t as pretty or running perfectly yet – you can join and take advantage of the tons of information that is already there that you can use right now. Of course, the other advantage of joining now will be locking in the really cheap price 😉

    Thanks for your input!


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