What would you call this vacation?



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My vacation is coming to an end. Its my annual take a break from everything week.

Its a staycation, since I stay home and play in the lake as much as possible.

Its a healthcation or a relaxcation since I try to relax and rejuvinate, and get my healthy balance back. I did get my blood pressure back down.

Its a puttercation, since I try to attack small projects around the house that have been put off. I did a little more work on the family room. Now we have a new wrench in the works. We are moving my daughter’s black and silver desk and zebra desk chair downstairs. Totally does not match the rest of the room. Sigh…

My daughter just doesn’t understand taking a vacation to do nothing.

To me, travel is stressful. If I had more time and money, maybe it would be different. And I have a lake in my back yard that I don’t get to enjoy nearly enough. I don’t have a need to go anywhere.

Besides; we had a little swim/dinner party, went to fireworks, and went out for dinner a couple of times. She was out running around like 20 yr. olds do – and that was just fine with me.

I’ve had to at least water the tomatoes and the baby trees because of the drought. We ate all of the the lettuce already. Its been too hot and dry to plant more. Most of the lawns are brown. Most of the fireworks in the area were cancelled. The ones we did get to see were in the middle of a big lake in the area. No chance of rain anytime soon…

OK, I guess my week of doing nothing was actually pretty busy. But it was a relaxed pace.

And tomorrow, life returns to normal. I wish vacation life was normal – at least for a little while longer. But its time to gear up for busy season at work.

I might seriously have to think about taking up meditation.

I hope you’re having a great summer too!

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3 thoughts on “What would you call this vacation?

  1. Debbie

    I did a little of that staycation myself last week. After working 4 years with no time off except for weekends and holidays, I decided to take a few days off. I needed the break, mentally and physically. I drive and hour each way to work every day. It takes a toll on the body. On the weekends, I am playing catch up. It all gets over overwhelming. I feel much more relaxed now.

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