What will life look like?

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looking forward

How are you feeling?

A lot of us are feeling sorta lost.

Some people have to head back to the office, and nothing will be normal.

Some are dealing with kids going back to school, or to summer camp. Will our kids be safe?

Many of us started the pandemic with a sunny outlook, cleaning and upgrading our homes to be ready for life when the pandemic ended. But then it went on and on, and on… We lost motivation. It seemed like there was no point.

We’ve spent the last 15 months hunkered down at home. No reason to keep our homes up, or dress up, or do much to participate in life. We just survived.

Now we’re faced with the uncertainty of trying to get back to normal, but we know things will never be the old normal. And many of us are questioning if we even want to go back.  

Maybe you’ve discovered that some things need to change. I know I sure have.

Make no mistake – the pandemic has affected us all mentally. Even if our lives didn’t seem to change much, the not being able to do anything, and to have to be cautious when we did venture out, and worrying about our loved ones has worn on us.

Some people break down crying, often.

Some people have fits of angry outbursts over petty stuff.

I’ll bet the words “People have gone nuts” have come out of your mouth more than once.

The truth is, we’ve all gone a little nuts.

Truth is, I’m tired of pretending that everything is OK. Its not. I’m not. Are you?

In the sermon last Sunday, the pastor said we have been walking around dead, trying to act like we’re alive. Isn’t that the truth?

We’ve got to take life back, on our own terms.

The first steps are to start rebuilding our good habits and routines.

And we need to do it one gentle step at a time.

To support you better, I’m going to do a weekly newsletter this month so we can do things a little at a time.

This week, let’s revisit the principles in the Get Control course –

The nightly routine –

1. Pick up and put away. That includes laundry. Do it all the way thru and put it away.

Get in the habit of putting things away, right away.

2. Clean the kitchen. Do not go to bed until the kitchen is cleaned up.

This gives you a fresh start every day.

3. Plan dinner and take something out of the freezer and put in the fridge.

This will keep you out of the drive thru lanes. You’ll save money, lose weight, and have more energy.

Now don’t just read this. Do it every night. The secret to taking back control of our lives is controlling what we can. I’ve got to do it too.

OK, that’s enough for now. If you haven’t taken the Get Control mini-course or you need a refresher, this is the perfect time. Sign up for free below.

We got this! Well, we will soon…

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