What will eating like a human do to me?

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You might be wondering just what you can expect when you start eating like a human. “What will happen to me?” How long will it take?”

The first thing you will notice, probably tomorrow morning, is that your skin looks better.

In a couple of days you’ll notice that you don’t feel as tired.

A few days later you’ll notice that you don’t have as many cravings.

A few days later, your pants might start feeling a little looser.

Then you’ll notice that you don’t feel as winded when you climb up the stairs. And your heart isn’t pounding.

Truly amazing things start to happen when you give the human body the right ingredients. The right fuels. Would you put the wrong fuel in your Mercedes? Of course not. You make make sure that it has all the right fuels and fluids to operate it’s best, right? Why wouldn’t you do that for your body? Isn’t it worth even more?

“But isn’t it hard?”

If an older working single mom can do it, so can you. Even my 17 year old daughter can handle it. Here’s where you can get everything you’ll ever really need to know >>>

Just imagine how you’ll feel in a few short months. You might actually start feeling human 😉


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