What to eat when you have to eat late

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A friend of mine came to me with a problem. She is a long time student of healthy eating, but now she’s run up against a problem finding time to eat healthy.

She works 3 jobs. Yes, 3. She’s a teacher full time, and holds 2 part time jobs at the mall. So most nights, she’s not getting home until 10 P.M. and she’s hungry! She wanted ideas for what to eat so late at night.

So as I set out to make a plan for her, I figured it might help you too.

Here are some light dinner ideas that she can make quickly, eat comfortably and still maintain her weight loss.

>> Quesadillas, or are they tostadas? I get them mixed up – anyway, they’re so easy. Warm 2 flour tortillas on one side. Flip and place cheese on each. You can also put in leftover shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, salsa, and/or refried beans. Put the tortillas together, sandwich style. Cut into quarters. Have a salad or fresh fruit on the side.

You can also take the same basic ingredients and just make soft tacos.

BLTs. This time of year, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwiches are a real treat with fresh tomatoes. With microwave bacon, these can be ready in just a few minutes. I wouldn’t eat it too often since the bacon part is not great for you, but it’s a good fast treat once in a while. I’ve ended up with BSTs once in a while too – Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato when I don’t have any lettuce in the house! Still good. Easy on the Mayo! Try the canola mayo for extra omega 3s. You can add some avocado too, or onions…

Sandwiches are a great light dinner option too. Roast beef, or chicken, or turkey with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. That’s a meal right there. Yellow mustard has healing benefits, and you can eat as much of that as you want, or your stomach can handle 😉

You can cook a chicken breast in about 10 minutes. Pair it up with a salad for a great light dinner. If you’re organized enough to plan ahead, you could have that chicken marinating all day. Yum.

A pork chop, or a steak can be made just as quickly.

Get creative with salad. You can throw in all kinds of good for you stuff.

Eggs are another great quick option. Omelets can be made quickly and filled with almost anything.

Tuna Salad.

Low sodium soups. Canned soups have a lot of salt, so go for the low sodium versions.

Fruit and yogurt and nuts

Fruit and cheese


Just make sure to skip the starchy, high carb side dishes like potatoes or pasta – that will just turn to fat because you’re not going to do anything that late at night to burn it off.

Especially stay away from fries, chips and pop. But a glass of red wine is good for you!

Another friend piped in that she can just sit down with a bowl of my broccoli salad. Wow, I haven’t made that in a while – and I’m sure that was a hint!

But the biggest tip is to have something planned. If there is something there ready to quickly cook and eat, you will eat that. If not, you’ll eat whatever – and that never is good, right?

We all know we shouldn’t eat a lot late at night. But sometimes, life doesn’t always allow us to be so perfect, does it? So, if you find yourself eating late, I hope these healthy eating tips help!

To your good health –


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  1. Emily

    To stay healthy and get full, and do the least damage, I recommend proteins, healthy fats, and low GI carbs. For example, some mixed green salad with a oil and vinegar type dressing, some chicken, fish, or other lean meat, and top with toasted nuts instead of croutons. Stay away from anything like white bread, white pasta etc. and sugar (fruits and veggies lower on the GI on ok), and go for whole grains. But always make sure it is a balanced ratio of protein to fat to carbs. Fibre rich foods are good too. 🙂

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