What to do with all those wet towels?

Even the dog is in the pool
Tis the start of the summer season! Boy, we thought it would never get here, right?

Time to jump in the lake or the pool and have some fun!

Except, what do you do with all those wet towels?

  • If you throw them in the hamper, they get moldy.
  • You can’t put them on the backs of wood or upholstered chairs.
  • Everyone’s going to need a bath or a shower, so the shower curtain rod is out.

Here are a few inexpensive solutions for you…

hang wet towels on a coat rack

Use your coat rack that isn’t being used for coats right now. Any inexpensive one should do just fine. Mine’s a cheapie. Here’s one I found for not too much –

Another inexpensive solution is an over the door rack.

hang wet towels on over the door hooks

We used this cup rack for a lot of things. My daughter used to hang her hoodies on it. Very versatile, and just a few bucks.

Hang wet towels on a cup rack

Another solution would be a Foldable laundry drying rack. Not my favorite. It takes up too much floor space, and they fall over when you’ve got a bunch of screaming kids and dogs running around.

So there are a few inexpensive options for you. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get them delivered to your door in a couple days.

(All links above are affiliate links.)

Do you have more ideas?

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3 thoughts on “What to do with all those wet towels?

  1. Denice

    Using Foldable laundry drying rack for wet towels is the best idea I guess. Even I have used clothing irons to make it dry. Thanks for sharing these tricks.

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