What to do This Snowy Weekend

English: Snowy woodland north of Wolstonbury H...

English: Snowy woodland north of Wolstonbury Hill Some 6 inches of snow fell the night before. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, someone turned on the snow machine!

We got 10 inches here at the Illinois-Wisconsin Border. An hour south, they got only rain. And right now, the east is getting hammered. They are expecting 20-24 inches in some areas. Whew!

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to keep us shoveled out. I knew that if I waited, the snow would be wet, deep and heavy. It was easier to move a couple of inches at a time. Its so deep that our dog can’t make it down the hill to his favorite poop spot. Poor thing.

I thought we would finally get to do some sledding. Instead, we will be looking at car options for my daughter. She had made it all of the way home – Thank God. When she tried to back into the parking spot – no reverse. Thinking it was just ice, she tried moving forward. Still no reverse. When she called me, she was 2 houses down. A neighbor helped pull her out with his little Kubucki (like a little tractor.)

1995-1997 Ford Contour photographed in USA. Ca...

1995-1997 Ford Contour photographed in USA. Category:Ford Contour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Her day is insistent that she get it fixed. I am totally opposed to throwing good money at a bad car. Its a 2000 Ford Contour. she put $800 into it last June. I think she should take that money and put it towards something better. We will go and look at a couple of places tomorrow and see what her options are. To make her dad happy, she has to get a couple of quotes on getting a couple of quotes on getting it fixed. Except who can quote without looking at it? And how will we get it there?

Junk my Car will give her $290. We might be able to get $500 as a trade in if we could get it there.

What would you do? Would you put another $1200 – $2300 into this car to not have car payments?

Its a good weekend to clean house, bake, and make something yummy for dinner. Then there’s sledding, building snow figures, reading, movies, card games, scrabble, working out… there’s really a lot to do!

I just updated the Baked Chicken Bruschetta recipe over at SaneSuperWomanClub. Try it! It really does taste like Bruschetta. Add a salad and some wine and you’ve got a dinner as good as any restaurant.

Yes, I did get the Sane SuperWoman site back up finally. You should get registered before I get the payment module fixed 😉 One thing I was not able to retrieve was the members. We have to start over. Even if you were signed up before, you will have to re-register. I’m so sorry about that! If you register now, you’ll be grandfathered. It will be free for you. I hope that makes up for the inconvenience a little.

Stay warm and dry, and take it easy if you’re dealing with the heavy snow. Don’t push it too hard – that’s how heart attacks happen.

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  1. Beth Earle

    As for deciding what to do about the car, I always consider our past experience with that vehicle, think about all the possible options including creative ones, and try to think about it for a while instead of acting hastily to allow my intuition to guide me. Some cars are worth fixing, some are definitely not. Whatever is decided, I do hope it works out well.

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