What to do if the house is REALLY Bad

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This article is for those of you who have let the house get really bad. This will help you tackle some of the grossest stuff and at least get the house looking presentable.

Okay, maybe you don’t have time to do a thorough top to bottom housecleaning. If you’ve really let the house go, and things are at their worst – here are a few things to focus on so your guests are not grossed out.

Read the whole article through first, and then plan your attack!


A bathroom is not hard to clean, if you keep up with it. If you’ve let it go, it can be a real nightmare. Here’s a couple quick fixes.

Mold –

Spray generously with Clorox Clean-up, BUT, do not let the cleaner get on the chrome. If it does, rinse it right way. Any cleaners with bleach will pit your chrome.
Now, walk away. Maybe skip down and start working on the kitchen while you wait.

Check back in an hour. Spray again. Repeat until mold is close to being gone. When just a slight hint of gray remains, spray and scrub off the rest.

This method also works on the underside of bath mats, and shower liners.

Toilet –

If your toilet is disgusting, and it looks like it will take a sandblaster to get it clean, you’re going to use the same basic method. Except, use Lime Away. Squirt it down and walk away, but this time only for about 15 minutes. You don’t want to let it dry completely. Come back and brush. Spray again. Repeat until toilet is clean.

Bottom of Tub –

Before you go any further, make sure any other cleaners have been totally rinsed away. That means your walls need to be totally done and thoroughly rinsed before you move on to this step. You don’t ever want to chance mixing cleaners, especially those with bleach.

Wet the bottom of the tub. Sprinkle generously with plain old Comet. Walk away. When you come back later, rewet the tub, but do not rinse the Comet away. With a little elbow grease, you should be able to get most of it cleaned away. Repeat if needed.

Some Scrub Free should clean your sinks up nicely. You can use a little rubbing alcohol to clean the chrome.

Clean the mirrors, and shine everything up with glass cleaner. Don’t forget the towel bars.

Wash the floor.

Kitchen –

First, get all of the dishes cleaned and everything put away.

People are going to be going in your cabinets. Make sure they’re not sticky.

You might only be 5’4, but some of your guests will be tall enough to see the top of the fridge. Why not wipe down the whole fridge while you’re at it? Try 409 kitchen formula for faster results.

While you’re at it, why not take a few extra minutes and wipe down the counters – including behind things?

And the stove and range hood too? Make sure to check under the range hood an at least make sure nothing’s hanging.

Check the inside of the microwave. If it’s bad, put a cup of water in on high for 90 seconds. Wait a few seconds. Carefully remove the water. Wipe down the inside of the microwave. Most of the stuff should come off pretty easily.

Wash the floor. You can use the 409 on the floor too (unless it’s wood of course – then use Murphy’s.)

Cleaning the rest –

Feather dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, window treatments, and get any cobwebs.

Put an old sock on your hand, grab some Endust, and dust away. Endust doesn’t give as nice a shine as Pledge, but it can be used on more surfaces and is faster.

Clean any glass, especially any fingerprints or grime on windows where people will be looking out. Or make sure dinner is after dark so people won’t notice.

If you have a lot of stuff like papers and such – throw it in boxes and hide it somewhere. You can sort it after the company leaves.

At a minimum, get all of the dirty laundry into the laundry room and close the door.

Vacuum well. Make sure to do couches and chairs. You don’t want your guests to have hairy butts.

This is by no means a perfect solution if you’ve let your house get really bad, but it will whip it into decent shape and your guests won’t be grossed out.

Shopping list –

Feather duster
Old socks or dust rags (you can use swifter dusters, they’re just more expensive)
Murphy’s Oil soap for wood cleaning
409 Kitchen Formula
Clorox Clean–up
Scrub Free
Decent glass cleaner
Paper towels
Toilet brush
Lime Away (if you have rust and calcium build up in toilet)

Good Luck!



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