What the heck is going on here? Oh, and Wear Red!

Boy oh boy. Post a couple of popular posts and your hosting company gets all pissed of. Geez!

I was shut down 3 times this week for overloading the servers. We are now moved to a semi-dedicated server, and upgraded, and tweaked. The red and white living room did not survive. That design will no longer work – but the old one does? Go figure.

I’ll be working on the design this weekend. I don’t want to mess with it too much after working all day. Too much chance for error, you know? I know, wouldn’t be the first time I blew up the site now would it? 🙂

Anyway – just wanted to let you know what’s been happening.

National Wear Red Day 2011

National Wear Red Day 2011 (Photo credit: U.S. Embassy Montevideo)

And if you haven’t gotten dressed by the time you read this, it’s red dress day for Women’s Heart Health Awareness. While I’m not going  to wear a red dress, I will wear something red. It looks like they changed it to wear red day for just that reason, right? lol …

You know – According to the American Heart Association, “As a nation, we simply no longer have the skills to cook healthy meals.” Isn’t that sad?

There’s still a few of us old timers around who are willing to share our skills with you. Get on board and start cooking healthy meals at home the easy way.


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2 thoughts on “What the heck is going on here? Oh, and Wear Red!

  1. Fiona

    Hi Carole! Belated Happy New Year! 😉
    I do like the new look here – it’s very up-to-date and modern. Haven’t had much chance to pop in here recently, but I’m looking forward to getting caught up with all the recent posts.
    Some of the related articles sound very interesting!

  2. sugru

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