What is This Hygge Stuff?

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HyggeHygge? Hi-gee? Huggies? What?

It’s spelled Hygge, but it’s pronounced Hoo Gah. (Like hooka with a g.) And it’s spreading everywhere.

But what the heck is it?

It’s a life concept from Scandinavian countries, and each country kind of has it’s own take on it. The Danish are the most well known for it – “The Happiest Country”

“The rest of the world seems to be slowly waking up to what Danes have been wise to for generations – that having a relaxed, cozy time with friends and family, often with coffee, cake or beer, can be good for the soul,” says Helen Russell, author of The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the Secrets of the World’s Happiest Country.

In German there’s Gemutlichkeit, a sense of wellbeing based on good food, company and perhaps a drink.

“Hygge could be families and friends getting together for a meal, with the lighting dimmed, or it could be time spent on your own reading a good book,” she says. “It works best when there’s not too large an empty space around the person or people.” The idea is to relax and feel as at-home as possible, forgetting life’s worries. says lecturer Susanne Nilsson of Morley College, in central London.

So, how can you bring more hygge into your life?

Its really a state of mind, and a lifestyle.

  •  enjoying a nice comfortable home – alone or with family and friends
  •  relaxing, putting your feet up.
  •  enjoying a meal with family and friends- a dinner, a potluck, a bbq, a block party…
  • a day at the beach
  • playing at the park
  • hot chocolate and a movie
  • playing Scrabble, or Yatzee, or gin rummy, or UNO
  •  laughter and conversation

Maybe you could say its really about the important things in life. I say its about enjoying the simple pleasures. Appreciating what you have, and taking the time to enjoy it.

What simple fun can you plan his weekend?

Have a hygge weekend!

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