What is the Legend of the Ugly Sweater?

Ugly Sweater Cntest

Ugly Sweater Cntest (Photo credit: shelisrael1)

There is a whole bunch of “Legend of…” merchandise this year. You might be wondering just what some of these legends are.

The first one is the Legend of the Ugly Sweater.

It’s really not a legend at all. Its based around ugly sweaters that many of us got from loving grandmothers or aunts that tirelessly knit these awful creations for us for the holidays. And in respect, we had to wear them.

Then came Christmas sweaters. Those gained popularity in the 1980s.

The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver is said to have held the first ugly sweater party. I’ve seen 2001 and 2002 listed as the start dates of this trend. But it seems to me that average joes were having ugly sweater parties before that. Either way, it really is a fairly new trend – not really the stuff legends are made of. And of course now, it is a big money maker.

I can’t remember ever owning a Christmas sweater. I’m just too cheap to buy a sweater you can only wear a couple time a year.

How about you? Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater? Do you wear it?


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