What Goes Around Comes Around

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In one way or another, there are consequences for your actions. Some good, some bad. You will always get paid.

There’s this lady I know. She has a pretty cool business, drives nice cars, volunteers in the community, goes to church. All looks pretty impressive.

But, she operates a little shady. Some lies. Some deceptions.

And she just recently did something horrible to her employees, in some cases taking hundreds of dollars out of their paychecks and putting it back into her own pocket. Yes, I know the business is hurting. But ya know – there’s right and wrong.

Payback was swift. She is now in the hospital with a protrusion on her intestinal wall that could have burst and killed her.

Was it guilt? Was it Universal payback? Was it God?

Do the right thing, and you’ll get the right reward.

Food for thought…



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