What does your home life have to do with success?

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Love homeWhat does your home have to do with success? Aren’t we always trying to keep the two separate?

The truth is, your home has a lot to do with your success.

I’m not talking about the size, the price, or what neighborhood you home is in. It really doesn’t matter much where you live. What matters is how you live.

Does your home welcome you and comfort you? Or does it make you want to hide?

Is your home conducive to cooking a healthy dinner, relaxing, getting enough sleep?

If your counters are filled with dirty dishes and nothing is taken out for dinner, are you going to make dinner? Probably not, right?

If you eat fast food, are you going to have the energy you need to perform your best? Probably not, right?

If the laundry and clutter is piled high, will you feel like tackling it, or will you turn on the TV and do your best to ignore it? Its just too overwhelming to face after a hard day at work, right?

The problem is, you think you’re ignoring it, but it is buried in your subconscious. You know you need to deal with this. It will fill you with stress. You won’t really realize where the stress is coming from, but you feel on edge. You’re short tempered. You reach for ice cream to try to find some comfort. But it doesn’t work.

You get up in the morning feeling fat and fatigued. You have to dig through piles to find a coffee cup and something to wear. You drag yourself to work, and the cycle just keeps repeating.

Now what if you got up in the morning to clean counters and fresh brewed coffee? If you didn’t have to dig through piles to find something to wear?

Would that make your day more positive?

And what if you had a plan for a fresh healthy dinner?

  • Would you save money?
  • Would you have more energy?
  • Would you be healthier?
  • Would you be thinner?

And after you spent a few minutes cleaning up the kitchen (so you can start tomorrow on the right foot,) might you –

  • Clean a little?
  • Take a walk?
  • Exercise?
  • Enjoy a hobby?
  • Study information that will help you achieve more in life?

And overall, wouldn’t you feel calmer, happier, healthier, and more confident?

Wouldn’t that carry over to your work life as well?

Wouldn’t it be the same for your kids? Do you think they would do better in school?

When your home is a calm, nurturing, healthy environment, it rejuvenates you and helps you perform your best.

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