What do I do?

We're losing....

OK, I know. I’ve talked about working long hours, and juggling a full time job with the blog and the house, etc. But I haven’t talked about what I actually do.

I am an Account Rep. for SportDecals.com. We make custom helmet decals, uniforms, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more for mostly school teams. We also have a lot more private sport groups popping up since school funding has been getting cut to the bone.

We do mostly sports, but we also have a line for music, band, choir, orchestra. We also help schools with fundraising. A lot of schools are selling custom hoodies and tshirts to raise money. We have a line for cheerleading. We make table covers and backdrops. We even have a line for Fire Departments. Crazy, right?

We get occasional calls for businesses, family reunions, school plays – all kinds of stuff.

Every order is custom. We have a lot of stock designs to get you started, and then we customize them with the school colors, team mascots, wording, and so on. I’m on the front line. Its my job to help people put the idea together and make it happen.

With so much going on, its a crazy place!

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea…

So – that’s what I do full time.

If you’re involved in kids sports, or you need custom clothing – stop by the sites. Or give us a call for personal service.



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