What are you sick of?

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What will you change?

The rest of the year is in front of you.

Will it be more of the same?

What are you sick of?

Is it the dirty house?

Is it never getting the things done that you need to?

Is it looking at a fat body in the morning?

Is it feeling lethargic and not having the energy to live life?

Is it struggling to learn how to make real food instead of relying on fast foods?

Is it living in a dull environment that doesn’t inspire you?

Are you tired of the negative people in your life?

Or is it the people who don’t treat you well making you unhappy?

What do you want to change this year?

Have you thought about it? What is making you the most unhappy?

Tony Robbins says, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

What have you been tolerating? What are you so sick of that you are ready to change?

Make a commitment to your happiness. Remember that a better life starts with a decision.

More on that in a couple days…



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