What are you going to accomplish this year?


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Whether you call them resolutions or goals, we all start the year off with things we want to improve, change, or accomplish over the next year.

I’ll go first –

OK, first on my hit parade is make more money. I am going through some new trainings to help me accomplish that.

We want to drink a fresh glass of juice at least once a day. We have our first juicer. My daughter wanted one for Christmas after seeing the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I wrote about out first juicer experience here –

To add to my healthier routines, I want to get into the habit of drinking a whey protein shake every day.

In find that the older I get, the more exercise I need to feel good. Now it is winter, and we’re not getting outside as much. I want to get into the habit of working out with the new Pace Program that I got my daughter for Christmas. I should be able to figure out how to fit the 12 minutes into my day, right?

Looks like I stand to benefit a lot from the Christmas presents I bought my daughter this year 😉

What is it that you want to accomplish this year? And more important, what are you doing about it?


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3 thoughts on “What are you going to accomplish this year?

  1. Scotsgal

    Happy New Year Carole!
    We’ve just moved into our new home,and at the moment we’re still finding a home for everything. I’ve a couple of goals that I want to accomplish, and I’ve to fit a few extras into my day too.(I’ll be able to do this as I’ll no longer have to leave the house so early in the morning.)
    I’d love to fit a ten-minute slot of Pilates into my busy day, and I’ve also to work out a schedule to keep on top of all the cleaning tasks for this house – maybe need your help there 🙂 I also have to finish my PhD this year. I am trying to plan my day more, love all the space in our new home. I’d like to visit Sane Superwoman Club more often this year for all your tips and the healthy recipes that my family love. And then, there’s the garden….:-))

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  3. Carole Post author

    Hi Fiona,

    Congrats on your new home! You’ve been waiting a long time. I can picture you sitting in your new sunny clean kitchen in your workout clothes ready to start your day 😉

    Certainly let me know if you need some help with anything.
    Carole´s last blog post ..Now is when the New Year really starts

  4. sugru

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