What are you doing this weekend?

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What are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?

Last year, someone wrote an article about how if we don’t celebrate and take time off to enjoy our freedom, that it’s a slap in the face to the veterans who fought for us to have the freedom to have barbeques, go to church, get together with family and friends, and well, what ever we want to do – because we are free to.  How was that for a run on sentence?

I’m taking a much needed weekend off. We’ll be running around on Saturday I think. My daughter is hoping to have an interview Saturday, and we have some shopping to do.

My house cleaning, paramedic, farmer sister decided to get married on Sunday. Spur of the moment thing. They’ve been together like 20 years. She’s the one who had lung cancer over the winter. She’s cancer free now. And no, workaholism doesn’t really run in the family, just us two. She’s worse than me 😉

I think Monday we’ll just hang out and take it easy. A total down day.

Housework is caught up. A little touch up dust and vacuum and we’ll be good to go.

I will be checking emails incase there are download problems, or if you need something. But I’m not working!

How about you? How will you be celebrating your freedom?

Any good barbeques happening?


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1 thought on “What are you doing this weekend?

  1. Fiona

    Well…I certainly didn’t stay in and do housework! Thanks to “Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak”, I no longer have to!!
    Check out this amazing book. It works.

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