What about YOUR dreams?

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Have you noticed how many younger performers are becoming successful in droves?

They want it- BAD. They work like crazy.

They live it. Usher was a little kid when he said he would be famous. He pursued that dream relentlessly until it came to pass.

These kids are not only doing recordings, but they are appearing in movies, starting their own clothing lines, and …. Just raking in the cash.

What is happening here?

Deep in our heart – we believe it is possible to achieve anything you set your mind to. But as we get older, that dream dims. Working for less money, layoffs, bad economy, technology, and the demands of adult life beat it out of us. We still believe it – but somehow just don’t have the drive to achieve it.

But, we have learned to not discourage our kid’s dreams. Let them dream big dreams. Encourage them to try. Believe in them and their potential. Even if we can’t seem to muster it for ourselves.

Reminds me of the old saying- those who can’t do teach.

But it’s not too late for you to achieve something wonderful. It may be unlikely that you’ll become a brain surgeon, but there are hundreds of things that you can still accomplish. You just have to want to bad enough.

It’s great that we are allowing our kids to pursue their big dreams in a way that our parents couldn’t. But that’s only half a legacy. Show them what you’re made of. You CAN do it!

You deserve your dreams too.


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