Weight Loss or Health or Both?


I just want to lose weight – why would I need a healthy eating plan?

That’s a great question!

Weight loss programs are meant to give you fast results. They are meant to be used for the short term. You can’t live on them forever, and most of them are not very good for you. While 30 days might not hurt you much, constant dieting really messes up your body.

Once people lose the weight they want, they just return to eating the way they did – and what happens? They gain it all back.

A healthy eating plan on the other hand, is something you do live with for life. Learning to eat great tasting foods that will keep you thin and healthy is a lot of fun.

A healthy eating plan improves every area of your life. Not only do you look better, but you have tons of energy, you can think clearly, you’re not depressed, you don’t need as many prescription meds as your friends (I don’t take any), your kids won’t have weight issues or behavior problems … I could go on and on about how great you’re gonna feel.

But you have to be careful. I just review a 4-week eating plan put together by doctors no less. I was shocked.

There were lots of recommendations for jarred marinara sauce, which are typically full of corn syrup.

The meal plans only have about 3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

They recommended artificial sweeteners, eggs beaters, and soy protein. You know never to touch these things, right?

One recipe even called for canned chicken because it’s easier to shred. Never mind that it has no taste, and just by the nature of it being canned, it has extra chemicals we don’t want or need.

I personally would never make it through this 4 week plan. It was far too boring. And the red flags turned me off.

I’m guessing, based on some of the recommendations, that this plan is sort of old and came out before some of the current research came to light. I hope that’s the case anyway. And it’s not super terrible, just dated, and not the best advice.

But that’s why it’s so important for you to know more about what you’re eating so you aren’t duped by every hyped up thing that comes along. Don’t just buy into things. This is your life you’re talking about here.

If you’re not up to doing all the research yourself, and you want all the information you need in one very handy resource, and plenty of great recipes to keep you well fed grab this great healthy eating resource >>>

You’ll never have to spend another cent on dieting!


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